Revamping Last Nights Dinner – Delicious Vegan Rice Balls !

This is probably my favourite thing I’ve made as a Vegan. Last night I made vegetable paella and it was really nice and I enjoyed it very much, but being the only Vegan in my household a lot of the things I make are just for me because no one else will eat it. I made enough paella for about 4-6 people and it was going to go to waste because let’s face it, there’s only so much rice a girl can take … if I was to eat it all myself it would take like 2 days or something

IMG_2033  My leftovers.

So instead of letting all that food go to waste, I revamped it into delicious little balls that even my family would eat. I see food wastage on the news and on T.V programmes all the time, it’s a real problem that’s costing many households a lot of money each year. So doing something like this is the perfect way to recycle food instead of chucking it away.


For example, you could use up all your leftover vegetables that are going off soon in the rice, recycle the rice into balls,using old bread as a coating . Its pretty cost-effective this way and a great way of reducing food wastage.

To see the recipe for the paella I made Click Here

Turning leftover paella into rice balls is pretty easy;

What you will need:

  • Left over paella (or any rice dish)
  • plain flour
  • garlic granules
  • salt
  • smoked paprika
  • water or vegan milk substitute (almond or soy milk for example)
  • Fresh breadcrumbs (It’s best to use stale bread) I made mine chunky for a nice texture but you could always make them fine if you prefer.
  • Vegetable oil of your choice


  • Take your rice and add in about 1 tbsp at a time until you get a gloopy mixture that holds together well. The amount you’ll need depends on how much rice you have. If you have a lot then I would suggest doing little bits at a time .


  • Add garlic, salt and paprika into the flour for added taste.
  • Roll/shape rice into a generous sized balls and roll in flour


  • Next dip the ball into water/milk until all the flour has been coated .


  • Dip into breadcrumbs and press crumbs firmly onto the ball to make them stick well.


  • Replace any ingredients if they start to run out. I can’t give exact amounts because it varies depending on how much rice you have.
  • Repeat process until you have used all of your rice.
  • Heat enough oil in a wok to cover half of the balls. To test if it is hot enough, put a small amount of mixture in the oil and if it sizzles quite rapidly it’s ready.


  • Fry no more than 3 balls at a time turning frequently, they shouldn’t take any longer than 5 mins to cook if they are a similar size to the ones I made.They are ready when all sides are dark brown and crisp
  • Lay over kitchen roll and dab off any excess oil .
  • Enjoy!

IMG_2042  Out of focus sorry 😦

They are so quick and easy to make, they taste amazing and they are very versatile you can use any vegetable in the rice that you have lying around.

I think these would be great as a snack in a lunchbox or on a picnic, these are great finger food so you could even have them as party food. These are also great as a meal, serve with dressed mixed leaf salad and it will make a very tasty light lunch.


I really hope you like this I know I did ! Hopefully I’ve given you guys some ideas on how to recycle your old food .

Hope you enjoyed the post and thank you for reading .

See you again soon x


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