10 Tips For Perfect Make Up !

I’ve gathered together my top 10 tips for getting perfect looking makeup and here they are!

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Moisturise and Prime (in that order) before applying makeup.

Moisturiser hydrates the skin to keep it healthy , and primer provides a great base for foundation by smoothing out the skin reducing pores and helps to cover imperfections; not only that but primer also helps makeup stay in place for longer .

For oily skin – I would recommend using an oil balancing moisturiser, I personally use (and LOVE!) Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser, it really helps keep excess oil at bay while hydrating the skin and also helps fight against breakouts.

For dry skin- I would suggest a hydrating moisturiser tailored for dry skin.

Primers also come in a variety of skin enhancing formulas, for example I use Bare Minerals illuminating primer for a healthy glow, other types of primer include mattifying , and anti-redness. Pick one that best suits your personal needs.

Use a foundation that matches your skin tone.

This one is a bit of a no brainer in my opinion. No one looks good with orange make up lines against snow white skin! (AND VICE VERSA!)

I would suggest matching colours against the colour of your neck as the neck tends to be more even in colour compared to the face .Some brands actually provide a colour match consultation in store, so maybe check one of those out :).

Choose a foundation that’s your colour, and if you feel it’s too light and you look like a bit of a ghost (like myself) then you can easily add more colour by contouring and using some blusher (mentioned below).

Set your concealer and foundation with powder.

Setting foundation and concealer with powder helps to keep it perfect preventing it from melting off during your busy day. I would suggest using a lighter powder to set the areas you want to highlight (see below) and then using a translucent setting powder all over.

When applying powder onto still-wet foundation, it’s best to start off stippling all over before going back over in circular motions to blend it in nicely.

The reason? Stippling i.e. dabbing on the powder sets the foundation straight away so it won’t move when you start to blend , blending straight onto wet foundation is likely to move the foundation around leaving it in a bit of a mess.

Contouring and highlighting.

Contouring and highlighting is used to enhance and define your natural -and beautiful- features, giving you 3D, natural and glowy appearance.

Where do you highlight?

Under the eyes in a triangle shape

(inner corner of the eye to just before the nostril, just before the nostril in a diagonal line to just after the outer corner of the eye , then back to the inner corner of the eye )

Bridge of the nose, centre of the forehead, centre of the chin, cupids bow and brow bone.

Where do you contour?

The hollows of the cheek i.e. under the cheek bone, sides of the chin, either side of the bridge of the nose, temples jawline and the hairline.

You can contour and highlight using foundation and concealer before setting and re-defining with powder

Fair skin-

Highlight in areas listed above. Then use a blusher on the cheeks and then contouring with powder 1–2 shades darker than your skin.

Medium skin-

Highlight in areas listed above. Then use a powder 1 shade darker than your skin on the cheeks and then using powder 2 shades darker to contour. You can add blush to the apples of the cheeks for added colour.

Dark skin –

Highlight in areas listed above. Then use a bronze shade with undertones of pink on the cheeks, then powder 1–2 shades darker to contour.

Prime eyes before applying eye makeup.

Priming the eyes before eyeshadow creates a smooth base that helps prevent lines and creases in the finished result, whilst helping to keep it in place all day.

If you’re using eyeshadow that is especially colourful you might find it helpful to use a pencil over your primer to create a white base, this helps to make the eyeshadow colours stand out for a truly dramatic effect!

Know the eyeshadow colours that best enhance your eyes.

Using specific colours that complement your natural eye colour can really help make them stand out.

For blue eyes : Try metallic colours such as copper bronze and gold , blues , warm brown-pink shades and browns such as taupe .

For brown eyes: The lucky ones who look good with almost every colour! Try peach and other shades of pink, greens, plum purple and gold shades.

For green eyes : Try warm browns that have undertones of orange such as copper and bronze, as well as taupe and plum purple.

For grey/hazel eyes: Try the colours mentioned in the blue and green category.

Tightline your eyes.

Tight lining is when you line the lash line, between the lashes, so not on the lid and not the waterline but the skin where the lashes grow. (I hope this makes sense! )

Tight lining creates the illusion of having fuller lashes whilst defining the eyes in subtle and natural looking way.

Long lashes.

Want long beautiful lashes without splashing the cash at salon to get extensions or buying false lashes?

Try this …

Use an eyelash curler, separate lashes and apply 1 coat of your favourite mascara. Apply talcum/baby powder with a cotton bud (Q tip if you’re American) and allow to dry.

Once dry curl again and separate lashes with an eyelash comb. Then apply a 2nd coat of mascara.

And voila!

Lovely long lashes in no time!

Make those eyebrows BOLD.

I recommend filling your eyebrows in -especially if they are quite fair or have a lot of gaps — to really make them a stand out feature on your beautiful face.

There are a lot of methods when it comes to filling eyebrows gel, powder and my personal favourite pencil.

When it comes to filling eyebrows I would suggest keeping it as natural as possible, natural shape and natural colour. Match your eyebrow pencil with your hair. (Unless you’re blonde, in which case I would suggest going for a light brown)

Be sure to not fill harshly, keep the strokes light and in the direction of natural hair growth and gradually build up the colour. Try to make a soft gradient from the start of the eyebrow to the end; it should be lighter at the start and a bit darker towards the end.

Prep your lips before lipstick.

Prep those lovely lips before using lipstick for smooth and even looking lippy.

I find it best to apply a lip scrub (you can even make this yourself) and giving your lips a gentle scrub with a clean tooth brush. This removes any dead or cracked skin leaving them soft and smooth. Next apply a moisturising lip balm of your choice, and then apply your lipstick.

So that’s my Top 10 tips for Perfect makeup. I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.

If anyone has any other tips or thoughts on this blog please share them in the comments, I would love to hear from you!

See you next time!

PS. I had planned to add photos in this blog , but i find the whole copyright thing very confusing … Does anyone know where I can source pictures for free without getting sued ? D: all answers are greatly appreciated !


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  1. Mmm, such a helpful and detailed post 🙂 You can source for royalty free or public domain images. Do look up the definitions so you can be sure they are safe to use!


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