My Best Buy – Bare Minerals Starter Kit

Hello again !

This is my second post today, I had the time and I thought what the heck ? I actually realised that I forgot to include a lot of Barry M products that I own in the previous post so I might do a second review on that shortly.

Anyway back to this post.

So a couple of years ago when I was first  getting really interested in make-up I stumbled across a brand called Bare Minerals and I was intrigued … The pictures and videos using the product stunned me as the results were amazing !

And so … I had to try it too … Naturally am I right?

I scoured the internet for the best Bare Minerals products and soon discovered they done a starter pack ! Amazing ! A little bit of everything to get you started , and that’s exactly what I needed .

I purchased a starter kit in the medium shade from Feel Unique (as they were selling for the cheapest price) for £30.00 (it was about £40.00 plus P+P) At the time everyone (including myself I’ll admit) thought I was kinda Crae Crae … But in the end it was really worth it and I convinced everyone of that too 😀

Heres what it included :

1 x Powder foundation in the shade Medium


1 x Powder foundation in the shade Medium Beige


1 x Powder concealer (Bisque)


1 x Mineral veil


1 x Warmth


1 x Primer


1 x Full flawless face powder brush

1 x Flawless face powder brush

1 x Concealer brush


1 x Instruction DVD and booklet


(PSSSTT …. Apparently this is all worth over £100 )

I bought this kit probably 2 years ago and guess what? I still have some -except the primer- left ! No, I wasn’t wearing it everyday, if I was it would probably be all finished but , I have used it alot and I still have a considerable amount left. The reason? Well like I said I didn’t use it everyday,  but apart from that the reason is that you use very little at a time because the coverage is soooo good ! Which makes it even better value for money.

It’s a very light weight make-up (It’s powder, you can’t get much lighter than that !) that covers well and creates a smooth, healthy and natural look. The only negatives really are the price (although it’s worth it) and it can take a little bit more time to apply because  of the swirl,tap,buff method of applying it. Other than that I think its pretty amazing stuff and I’d highly recommend it !

I’ve also tried other Bare Minerals products including eyeshadow and lip gloss and they are just as good.What makes it even better is that they are cruelty-free !

So far Bare Minerals has yet to let me down and I definitely think I’ll be buying from them again.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful !

See you again soon for another post !


3 thoughts on “My Best Buy – Bare Minerals Starter Kit

  1. I bought the starter kit and found it such a good value buy. I’ve found bareminerals to be the best foundation for me and my skin. It gives really good coverage too. I love it ❤️

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