My Hectic Experience And Some Exciting News!

Uggghh, where do I start ?

Well it’s probably best to rewind to about 6 months ago when I registered with a new dentist and went for my first check-up there.

I was inevitably nervous as I had a bad experience some 2 years ago at my old dentist but I re-assured myself because “it was just a check-up” Yeah right …

I went and it was fine, I was told I needed a filling which I knew anyway, but the dentist brought something else to my attention, I still had a baby canine tooth. There was no evident reason why I still had a baby tooth so I got an X-RAY done and I found out my adult tooth was actually impacted in the roof of my mouth . Now lying horizontally in the gum, there was no way for it to come down into it”s designated parking area if you will, to tell the baby tooth to fall out.

impacted    Photo taken from  Catherine Oden Fulton website

This wasn’t exactly great news for me as you can imagine.I was soon referred to the dental hospital to find out what the procedure was going to be. I was told that the best option would be to remove the baby tooth, cut through the gum and bone to expose my adult tooth, then a brace would be put on and the tooth attached to the brace with a chain to gradually pull it down.All of this was to be done under local anesthetic

“Well thats just great” I thought to myself sarcastically. “I go for a simple check-up and now I’m getting appointments for surgery!”

I felt sick to my stomach with dread and fear. How could I have surgery done while I was awake ,when I’ve had panic attacks just from having a filling done? Because of my anxiety, it was later agreed it was best (and safer) for me to have general anesthetic instead. FEW!

So the night before I was due to have surgery I was really preparing myself mentally to have it done. But at around 5pm I got a phone call

“Hi Amber, I’m afraid your appointment for oral surgery has been cancelled. The surgeon has called in sick and we will have to reschedule the surgery for a later date”

Well, you can imagine neither me nor my family were very impressed, after all both my parents had taking a day of work and with my Mum using up a lot of holidays to go to the hospital for treatment,every holiday was used rather sparingly.

So the appointment was reschedueled for a month later and this time I actually make it to the hospital . I have my height,weight,temperature and blood pressure taken as well as a ton of questions and numbing cream on both hands.All whilst wearing 2 hospital gowns and paper slippers.Oh and completely naked underneath the gowns with only a thin curtain between me and the other patients.

So after all of this finished with I was just waiting to be taken for surgery when the surgeon comes to talk to me. She then decides she doesn’t want to perform surgery without a 3D X-RAY being done .


Was what I was thinking at the time. So after more weeks of waiting I had the scans done , I had an appointment for a pre-assessment and another for God knows what.

And that brings us to today when I had my pre-assessment at yet another hospital. This was a new rule, all general anesthetic patients had to have an assessment done. My height weight and blood pressure were taken again with yet more questions .It didn’t take to long which was good , but we were confused about the second appointment next week, I can’t go to it anyway (this is where the exciting news comes in) so my dad phoned up to ask about it , was told to phone another number who said they would phone back, they did and they said they had no idea what the appointment was for, cancelled it and told me that I was top of the list for surgery and an appointment will be made in the next couple of weeks !

So that’s that for now , all that’s left is to have surgery which is scary and kind of exciting because I’ll eventually have straight teeth and a nice new canine too 😀

So as for the news I have recently received …..

I have been invited to go on a little trip with my gran to Eriskay !


CREDIT – “Eriskay shore, Outer Hebrides” by Craig Trim – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –,_Outer_Hebrides.jpg#/media/File:Eriskay_shore,_Outer_Hebrides.jpg

If your not familiar with Eriskay is a small island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland near South Uist and Barra which are slightly larger islands. Eriskay as far as I know hasn’t evolved much over the years the people are still very traditional and the Island is still as barren as it was when my dad visited for his holidays every year as a child. Eriskay is also where my gran was born and raised, and it is in her childhood croft -that her brother now lives in- we will be staying. There are loads of walks to go on and we will most likely be traveling to other close by islands for sightseeing and walks along the many sand beaches there.


Picture of the Outer Hebrides.

CREDIT –   “Outer Hebrides UK relief location map” by Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –


Eriskay, looking north towards Easabhal on South Uist.

CREDIT –  “Eriskay” by Richard Webb. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

I’m very excited to visit the place that I’ve been told so much about growing up. I’ve always been very close to my gran and it will be really interesting listening to all of her stories of growing up in Eriskay.

It’s a very scenic, un-touched place that looks like its stuck older times and I’ve very much looking forward to going there .


Boreray and the Stacs

CREDIT –  “Boreray and the Stacs” by Stephen Hodges. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

I don’t imagine that I’ll have very good internet connection so I won’t be able to document here my daily activities, however  I will write a diary entry every day and post my adventures on here when I get home.

This post was a little different to what I usually do, I hope that you still enjoyed reading it and I’d love to hear from you in the comments !

See you again soon ! X

All pictures where taken from Wikipedia.


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